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The Popularity of Mini Split AC Systems

The Popularity of Mini Split AC Systems

In recent years, the popularity of mini split AC systems has grown exponentially. Offering many unique advantages as compared to conventional furnaces, mini split AC systems have become a favored cooling solution for many homeowners. This article will discuss the basics of mini split AC systems, their advantages, and how they compare to conventional furnaces and other cooling solutions.

Mini split AC systems are relatively small AC solutions that offer phenomenal cooling abilities. The systems consist of two components: an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor air-handling unit. The two units are connected to each other through a network of tubing and wires. The system is typically ductless. Mini split systems are composed of two main components: an outside compressor/condenser unit and an inside evaporator unit (called the 'air handler'). The compressor/condenser unit is placed outdoors, and connected to the indoor air handler via a conduit containing two main elements: refrigerant lines, which transfer heat, and electrical lines, which carry voltage to the air handler. The air handler is typically installed at a location in the room which is best suited to evenly distribute the air throughout the room, such as near a ceiling or at a corner of the space.

The compressor/condenser unit pulls in outside air and compresses the refrigerant gas inside. As the gas is compressed and heated, it circulates to the inside air handler, where it is then allowed to expand and cool, so that it absorbs and transfers heat. The cooled air is then returned to the room by fans, which blow the air directly into the area. Meanwhile, a fan in the compressor expels the now heated air outside the building.

Mini split units are highly efficient compared to central air systems, providing up to 30% better energy efficiency by avoiding the constant use of ductwork, which can be a source of energy loss in most central air systems. Furthermore, ductless mini split systems allow you to customize temperature control in multiple zones of your home, since they can service more than one air handling unit. This allows you to adjust the temperature of individual rooms, or sections of a room, without affecting the temperature of other areas. Additionally, they require very little maintenance and they are often quieter than central air systems.

Mini split AC systems offer a range of advantages as compared to conventional furnaces, with one of the most notable advantages being their speed and efficiency. With the smaller components, these systems are able to cool a room or space more quickly, making it an ideal solution for those who need quick cooling results. Mini split AC systems also offer enhanced reliability, as their components are less prone to breakdown than traditional furnaces.

In addition to their superior speed and efficiency, mini split AC systems also require less labor and energy for installation. Generally, this type of system requires a professional for installation, but the process does not require as much of an initial investment as a conventional furnace does. In addition, running the systems uses far less energy than traditional units, so users can reduce their power bills and be gentler on the environment. Moreover, mini split AC systems are often a fraction of the size of a traditional furnace, which can be beneficial in smaller homes and apartments.

In comparison to conventional furnaces, which utilize filters to keep them healthy, mini split AC systems require minimal maintenance. Filters are important to traditional furnaces, as they help reduce dust, allergens, and other particles in the air. With a mini split AC system, those particles are eliminated entirely, leading to better air quality within the home. If you home is heated and cooled by a conventional furnace requiring a filter, then of course at FurnaceFilters.US we have your filter, made in the USA, and ready to ship to you, and always free shipping in the continental USA. If you are considering a Mini split, we like these systems also and endorse them a very good alternate method for both heating and cooling. Did we mention a Mini split can do both. Most have this option to reverse the cycle and slow heat your home when called for.