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Brand Feature: Austin Air

Brand Feature: Austin Air

Austin Air is a company that has been providing customers with quality air filters for over 30 years. Founded in 1990, the company was inspired by the desire to provide protection from a family member dealing with a serious health issue. Since that time, Austin Air has grown to become a leader in air filtration products, helping to improve the air quality of homes and businesses around the world.

Austin Air air filters are designed to capture and remove a wide range of particulates from the air, such as pet dander, pollen, smoke, dust and mold spores. The company’s signature filter system is engineered with military grade HEPA media, a multi-filtration system and a 360-degree airflow design. This combination of innovations provides superior air protection and filtration, providing customers with the highest levels of indoor air quality.

In addition to the superior filtration of their air filters, Austin Air is committed to providing customers with exceptional customer service and product reliability. The company offers a 15-year limited warranty on all their air filters and has built an extensive network of authorized dealers to ensure that customers receive the highest quality service and support.

Austin Air has been dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality air filters since its founding in 1990. With its innovative filter designs, superior customer service and commitment to product reliability, the company has become a leader in the air filtration industry. For those looking to improve the air quality in their homes or businesses, Austin Air is a great choice.

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