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About Us

Some of our key team members committed to ensuring your are satisfied with placing your filter order with us.

FurnaceFilters.US Customer Service

Jeremy Dean
Business Unit manager

At Furnace Filters DOT U.S.; our focus is on customer service and product support and to stay competitive and attract more customers. As our Business Unit Manager Jeremy’s critical role is to ensure we provide reliable customer service and support, delivering on the the company’s mandate to providing the highest level of service possible for our customers.

Jeremy is empowered to think deeply and act quickly. He is know to think of innovative solutions to customer service problems and evaluate the changing situation’s impact on the customer’s experience.

Victor Krolik
Senior Technical HVAC Advisor

Victor first worked with our company owner in 1990 as an HVAC sub contractor to his General Contracting business. We felt it was imperative to have on side, an expert in the heating, cooling and air filtration systems installed in furnaces and air conditioning units for homes.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Victor has the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot, diagnose, repair and maintain any type of HVAC system. He is also highly knowledgeable with air filtration systems and can make recommendations on the best type of filter to use in a home.

FurnaceFilters.US Team Member

Dawn Chatman
Webmaster E-commerce Specialist

Dawn’s work with our company since 1999, as our in-house webmaster, website-interface designer, and e-commerce expert is reflected in this website.

She is an expert at creating interactive and user-friendly interfaces. Her expertise in this area has been instrumental in driving user engagement and boosting conversion rates on our platforms. Dawn is keen on usability testing to ensure our products are as user-friendly as possible.

Krista Armaly
Accounting Department Online Orders

Krista has extensive bookkeeping experience. Her commitment to efficiency, accuracy, and customer service is an important element contributing to our e-commerce success. She stays on top of our order traffic, sales tax remittance and forecasting.

Lou Tortola
Principal Owner

Lou Tortola, the owner and CEO of BC Performance Parts USA Inc, and eliquidMEDIA International Inc. is a visionary leader with extensive experience as a general contractor, e-commerce expert, Systems integrator, and also posses HVAC systems knowledge.

One of Lou’s core values is excellence in customer service. He understands the importance of providing excellent customer service, from the initial point of contact to the delivery of quality products and services.

Lou fosters innovation, which has been a driving force behind his success. He is constantly looking for new ways to increase efficiency and adding value to his customers. He has made it his mission to stay ahead of the competition by always bringing fresh ideas and solutions to the table.

Our Filters

FurnaceFilters.US is an authorized dealer of Nordic Pure® a well-known leader in the manufacturing of high quality air filters and furnace filters in the United States. Since 1991, our filters have been designed to meet the demands of modern heating and cooling systems in homes and businesses across the country.

Our manufacturing commitment to quality sets us apart as a leader in the HVAC filtration industry. All air filters and furnace filters are rigorously tested and are designed to be more efficient than most standard filters, meaning they last longer and require less maintenance to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

We offer a far reaching variety of different filters, in both standard and custom sizes, so that no matter what make, model, or size of your HVAC system is, we can provide a filter that fits perfectly.

Our filter manufacturing, uses eco-friendly materials and sustainable production practices in all our operations to minimize environmental impact. In addition to the environmental benefits of our products and production, with we offer our customers on-line competitive prices for higher-quality filters.