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Duct Cleaning: An Important Part of Home Maintenance

Duct Cleaning: An Important Part of Home Maintenance

Most people are familiar with regular maintenance tasks like mowing the lawn, changing the oil in their car, and basic home repairs. Cleaning the ductwork in their home should also be added to their list of home maintenance tasks. Duct cleaning is an important but often overlooked part of keeping a home’s air quality safe, energy efficient, and ready to handle a wide variety of pollutants.

Duct cleaning involves accessing the air supply ducts of the home and its associated air delivery components. Vacuums, brushes, blowers, and other cleaning tools are used to remove dust, lint, mildew, molds, spores, and other environmental contaminates from the ducts. These types of contaminants can significantly reduce the efficiency of the home’s heating and cooling ventilation units, leading to more energy consumed to operate them. In addition, periods of extended inactivity, like when a home is unoccupied for an extended period, can cause dust and allergens to accumulate in the duct system.

Unfortunately, the terminology used by some duct cleaning service providers can be misleading and cause confusion. For example, some providers may promote “air duct cleaning” as a method to clear away dust and other airborne particles from the air in a home by eliminating the dust from the air supply ducts. Air duct cleaning does not necessarily involve the same steps and techniques that are included in a more comprehensive service, such as a complete duct cleaning. In addition, telemarketers often pressure homeowners to make appointments without understanding the nature of the service or the work included.

The truth is that duct cleaning is an important part of keeping a home’s air quality safe while ensuring its ability to function efficiently. It is strongly suggested that homeowners have their ducts inspected by a professional every 3-5 years, or as needed. During a duct inspection, a professional will assess the condition of the ducts, as well as the amount of dust and other contaminants present. If needed, they will then suggest a professional duct cleaning service.

By understanding the importance of regular duct cleaning and taking the time to find a reputable company, homeowners can ensure that their ducts are properly maintained and that their home’s air quality is safe and efficient. Connected to your ducts of course is the air handling unit “blower” that moves the heated or cooled air through your house, and in all cases where an air handling unit is present there you will find a filter usually located at the return side of the unit. At FurnaceFilters.US, we have the filter available order yours from us with confidence